Pharmaceutical industry

Flexo print

The image is transferred on the material with a photopolymer relief plate. The ink is transferred on the printing plate with an anilox.

Suitable for printing medium and large product runs from roll to roll. Used mainly in the packaging industry.

Digital printing

The image is transferred straight on the material without using a printing plate.

Suitable for printing small quantities – the cost of the printed image is higher, but in comparison to traditional technologies, money is saved on account of preparations and printing plates. It also enables different information to be printed on a batch of labels.

Hot foil



Coloured self-adhesive labels

We produce labels with up to ten colours that are made of various materials and in different shapes, and where different adhesives are used. We use flexo and digital printing technology. The labels can be embossed, coated in glossy or matte varnish or hotfoil. It is also possible to print on the adhesive side, create an adhesive-free area on the label, add a personal number or code. The adhesive on the label may be permanent, easy to remove or suitable for deep freezing.

Paper self-adhesive labels

Different products require labels made of different materials. We offer matte and gloss paper, thermal paper, metallic paper and many other different kinds of paper.

Gloss self-adhesive paper (e.g. MC Primcoat and Raflacoat)

Suitable for printing coloured labels. Colours stand out well and the label looks good for years.

Matte self-adhesive paper (e.g. Vellum)

Suitable for labels whose life is not long. Colours are less intensive.

Uncoated thermal paper (Thermo Eco)

Used most for shop scales. Suitable for printing text and simpler design elements. The life of the label is short and it is highly sensitive to sunlight.

Coated thermal paper (Thermo TOP)

The material is suitable for printing coloured labels, but can also be used in scales and printed to add more information later (best before date, barcode, etc.). The material can be varnished to extend its life. It is the most used material in meat industry.

Metallic material (Silver and Goldvac)

Used most in perfumery, chemical and alcohol industry. Striking material, as a metallic shine can be given to colours when printing.

Special materials

Different products require labels made of different materials. In addition to paper materials we also offer matte and gloss plastic (PE and PP), metallic plastic and many other kinds of plastic materials.

Polypropylene self-adhesive material

Can be transparent or white. This material is cheaper than polyethylene. It does not stretch, but it is also resistance to temperature changes, humidity and other weather phenomena.

Polyethylene self-adhesive material

We offer a choice of transparent, white or metallic polyethylene material. The material stretches as the packaging moves. Resistant to temperature changes, humidity and other weather phenomena.

Special materials

You can always ask our sales representatives about other plastic labels. Just describe what you need and we will help you find a suitable solution.

Dual label

We produce self-adhesive dual labels. The advantage of these labels is that information can be transferred on surface that is three times larger than on ordinary labels: on the top surface of the top label, on the adhesive side of the top label, and on the top surface of the bottom label. It is an excellent solution for those who want to transfer text in several languages on the same label. It usually fits well on three surfaces.

Plastic labels for plastic bottles

In addition to self-adhesive labels, we offer the beverage industry plastic labels that wrap all the way around the bottle. They are stuck to the bottle with a small line of adhesive. We use three types of materials: transparent, white and metallic white OPP. In the event of large quantities, it is a considerably cheaper solution than self-adhesive labels.

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